The Boutique Booth at the RNQG Quilt Show provides a great opportunity for guild members to sell their quilt-related crafts and collectables. 

To submit items for sale at the Boutique, the guild member (consignor) must do the following:

  1. Use the Boutique Consignment Form** to create an inventory of items for sale. The "ITEM ID" for an item is the consignor's three initials followed by a stock number.  (For example, Alice B. Crunch would use ABC-001 as the Item ID for her first saleable item.)
  2. Each item must have a securely attached tag.**
  3. The tag affixed to an item must contain a) the selling price, b) a brief item description, and c) the assigned stock number.  When assigning inventory numbers, please use the same number to like items that are selling at the same price as shown in the example below.

              ITEM ID               DESCRIPTION            PRICE

              ABC-001             Blue floral purse           $48.00

              ABC-002             20 pot holders              $3.00 each

              ABC-003             10 pin cushions            $2.00 each

  4. Boutique items should be delivered by the consignor to the show in boxes that are marked with the consignor's  name and a list of contents.  The box(es) will be used to return unsold items to the consignor at the end of the show.
  5. The consignor must give the Boutique chair the original Boutique Consignment Form and should  keep a copy for themself.
  6. Items must be delivered to the Boutique the day before the show opens -- Friday, March 17.  Nothing will be accepted for sale after this date.
  7. The Boutique Chair and consignor together will inventory the items at  drop off and again at pick up of unsold items.  Allow extra time in your schedule for this process!
** (Tags and consignment forms will be available from Carolyn Anderson, Boutique Chair at the October and February guild meetings and during the RNQG retreat in February.  A link to the consignment form also appears at the bottom of this page.)

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Items are accepted and displayed at the discretion of the Boutique chair.
  2. RNQG will deduct a 20% commission on all items sold. The consignor will receive a check for 80% of the value of sold items.      
  3. Sales tax is the responsibility of the consignor. 
  4. RNQG is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. All unsold items MUST be picked up after the show on Sunday, March 19.


Click here for a printable copy of the Boutique Consignment Form.