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15 Guild Meeting 
7:30 - 9PM

Speaker:  Michelle Tade Banton
Topic:  "From Concept to Consumer"


February 15, 2017  7:30 – 9PM               Norfolk County Agricultural HS


Michelle Tade Banton                                Website: littlepupdesigns.com

Topic: ”From Concept to Consumer” 

While wandering through a quilt shop, caressing cottons and contemplating color wa
ys, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever stopped to think about what it takes to create the fabric that is the fundamental element of our artwork. What is the process of designing fabric, having it printed and delivered to your local quilt shop? Probably much more that you ever considered!




A former fabric s
bantonales rep for Blank Quilting, Studio e Fabrics, Michelle Tade Banton has an insider’s view of the process and is delighted to share her insights.  A resident of Lunenburg, MA, she now spends her time doing what she loves: lecturing, teaching and organizing events for quilters and providing professional machine quilting services.