6 Board Meeting 6:30 - 8:30PM Walpole Public Library
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18 Guild Meeting
7:30 - 9PM

Speaker:  Pam Weeks
Topic: "A Complete History of Quilting in 60 Minutes or Less"

21 Workshop

9:30AM -4PM

All About Quilts
Teacher: Michele O'Neil Kincaid
Project:  Lady Slipper Trapunto



January 18, 2017    7:30 – 9PM               Norfolk County Agricultural HS


Pam Weeks                         Website: pamweeksquilts.com

Topic: ”A Complete History of Quilting in 60 Minutes or Less!”


Quilting is nearly as old as cloth, and during this informative program, Pam Weeks, the Binney Family Curator of the New England Quilt Museum, whizzes through its history, concentrating on examples from the eighteenth through twentieth centuries. During the “journey”, she debunks a few popular quilt history myths, and touches on New England textile mills and technology history.

Attendees are invited to bring one quilt for identification. Quilts will be arranged in chronological order and used as examples during the lecture.







January 21, 2017    9:30AM – 4PM                     All About Quilts

Michele O’Neil Kincaid                  Website: fiberartdesigns.com
*** Saturday *** Workshop: Lady Slippers Trapunto    


A proclaimed fan of linking history with modern techniques for fiber arts, this workshop taught by Michele O’Neil Kincaid focuses on trapunto, a quilting style that creates relief in a piece by putting an extra layer of padding behind selected areas of the design.


In this class, students will learn to cord ‘stems’ and pad leaves. Her class includes original methods up to and including machine methods.    After stitching is completed, color will be added to the flowers using pencils, markers, and crayons. 

Michele has explored a multitude of mediums -- pen and ink, oils and watercolors -- over the course of her career, but has always returned to textiles for self-expression and fulfillment.Her pieces are very dimensional and tactile.

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