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16 Guild Meeting 7:15 - 9PM

Guest Speaker: Pam Weeks
Topic: "Jane Stickle Revealed"

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May 16, 2018                7:15 – 9PM               Norfolk County Agricultural HS

Pam Weeks                 Website: www.pamweeksquilts.com
Topic: ”Jane Stickle Revealed”



 The 1996 publication of Dear Jane, The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt, by Brenda Papadakis awed quilters around the world. The original quilt was completed in 1863. Its center is comprised of 169 five-inch blocks, each a different pattern. These are surrounded by a scalloped border consisting of 56 unique blocks.

The craftsmanship of the quilt is astounding and has inspired countless quilters to try their hand at either replicating the quilt or following the block designs using contemporary colors.



In the 150th anniversary year of the completion of the Jane Stickle quilt, Pam Weeks was invited to examine and do further research on this iconic Civil War quilt. Her lecture during our evening program reveals the results of her research and sheds light on the life of the Vermont farm wife who made this incredible quilt.


pam weeksQuilts have been Pam’s focus for more than half of her life. She started making quilts during the craft revival inspired by the US Bicentennial. By the mid-1980’s she had transitioned from making traditional quilts to quilts “based in tradition” with an emphasis on non-traditional color.

In 1991 she developed an interest in quilt history, leading ultimately to quilt research and publication.

Pam is the Binney Family Curator of the New England Quilt Museum and does not hesitate to admit that she considers her role the job of her dreams. She works with many people: quilters, collectors, institutions, and co-conspirators to plan exhibits for the museum and research the quilts in the museum's collection.