2 Board Meeting 6:30 - 8:30PM

Walpole Public Library

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5 Quilt-a-thon 9AM - 4PM UUAC Sherborn
16 Guild Meeting 7:30 - 9PM

Guest Speaker: Pat Harrison
Topic:  "You Be the Judge"

19 Workshop 9:30AM - 4PM All About Quilts
Teacher: Esterita Austin
Project: Layered Monoprinting with Sheers



November 16, 2016            7:30 – 9PM               Norfolk County Agricultural HS


Pat Harrison                                    Website: oceanwavesqc.com
Topic: ”You Be the Judge”

Have you ever wandered through a quilt show, wondering why some quilts earn ribbons and others you admire equally do not? Do you question how in one show there can be several quilts in the same category with first place ribbons? This program by Pat Harrison will provide the answers!



As Rhode Island’s first and only Nationally Certified Master Quilt Judge, Pat has proved herself an expert in this area. During her 45-minute lecture, she will identify the different judging formats and describe the steps a quilt judge follows as they evaluate a quilt.

Clearly a proponent of judging, Pat will explain why you should consider having your quilts judged as well as the rationale behind hiring a professional judge for your guild show.

The evening will conclude with a trunk show with ample time for questions and answers.



November 19, 2016            9:30AM – 4PM                     All About Quilts

Esterita Austin                    Website: esteritaaustin.com
*** Saturday *** Workshop: Layered Monoprinting With Sheers    



In this innovative monoprinting class you will print on sheer organza using various mark making tools: paint, markers, oil crayons, etc. with fusible web and parchment to take the printing process to a new level. By cutting away and layering the sheer prints you can create depth and interest. It's a new technique that will add to your creative arsenal!


Quilt maker, designer and teacher, Esterita Austin created "The Well," a prize-winner in the 2001 American Museum of Folk Art's international contest, "Quilted Constructions: The Spirit of Design".


Her works have been published in numerous periodicals, books, and newspapers. She has also been a featured artist on HGTV's “Simply Quilts” program with Alex Anderson.

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