RNQG Board Position Descriptions


Program Chair Duties:

Year 1:

The Programs and Workshop Committee shall collect information on topics of interest to Guild members; research speaker availablity, fees and other expenses (such as mileage, public transportation, meals, and lodging); investigate the possiblity of sharing expenses for out-of-area speakers and co-ordinate plans with other guilds;  prepare suggested schedule of progams and budget in cooperation with Officers of the Guild and present these for Board approval; negotiate contracts and arrange for any required advanced payments; select and book workshop locations; establish workshop fees with approval of the Board.

Year 2:

Distribute program information to Guild Members; manage workshop sign-up and fees collection from participants; arrange speaker's transportation, housing and meals with Guild members, if needed; determine speaker requirements, (e.g., screen, slide projector, display tables, quilt racks) and communicate these needs to the facility staff prior to the meeting;   inform Treasurer prior to the meeting of amount of check required; write newsletter articles about upcoming programs; welcome and introduce speakers at meetings.